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Swift Growth Marketing Helps E-Commerce Client Hit 25,000 Monthly Visitors

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Are you the proprietor of a budding or established website in need of increased traffic? The vitality of e-commerce businesses hinges on their ability to attract visitors.

Desiring more conversions is one thing, but realizing that goal is contingent upon drawing more attention to your products, promotions, or landing pages.

This case study is crafted to demonstrate how an e-commerce client significantly enhanced their traffic through Swift Growth Marketing. Continue reading to uncover the strategies employed and how Swift Growth Marketing simplifies the process for you to achieve similar success.

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A prominent online retailer of premium men’s and women’s fragrances based in the United Kingdom approached Swift Growth Marketing in June 2020. This company boasts an extensive collection of sought-after high-street fragrances, regularly refreshing its inventory.

Aiming to elevate their online presence and sales, it was evident that the success of this e-commerce venture was intrinsically linked to website traffic. Thus, our initial approach focused on leveraging our SEO expertise to amplify their organic reach.

Already on a trajectory towards attracting more online visitors, we were confident that through keyword optimization and enhanced link-building strategies, Swift Growth Marketing could deliver remarkable outcomes.

The SEO Audit

Commencing our collaboration, a thorough audit of their website was conducted. The business had already implemented some effective SEO strategies but required our specialized knowledge to advance further.

At the onset of our partnership, their monthly organic traffic was approximately 8,000 visitors, with an upward trend since early 2020.

Swift Growth Marketing’s free website traffic tool also empowers any online business to generate a concise SEO report independently.

Identifying that link-building is a pivotal strategy for boosting traffic and SEO rankings, our audit revealed an initial count of about 50 links in June 2020. Our marketing experts recognized the need for a substantial increase in this area.

The "Easy Wins" Keyword Analysis

Post-audit, we swiftly enhanced the client’s traffic by focusing on “easy win” keywords. These are terms for which they did not rank within the top 4-30 search results.

Discovering over 5,000 potential “easy win” keywords, we selected those capable of promptly improving rankings and traffic. Our selection criteria prioritized keywords with high search volumes yet low difficulty scores.

For instance, “fragrance direct” had a Keyword Difficulty (KD) of 12 out of 100, with 123,000 searches. Other notable “easy wins” included “ghost perfume,” “aftershave,” and “dior sauvage.”

These keywords were seamlessly integrated into web content, blogs, and other materials to enhance the client’s visibility.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Understanding competitors’ strengths and unique strategies is crucial for any business owner. The aim is not to replicate your main competitor but to identify and adopt strategies that align with your business model.

Our competitive gap analysis utilized advanced digital tools to explore keywords benefiting competitors, potentially augmenting our client’s strategy.

This analysis identified 47 competitors within the UK market. Despite the crowded space, it was apparent that many were likely targeting similar keywords.

One competitor shared 39% of our client’s keywords, but also ranked for an additional 5,116 keywords, revealing significant opportunities for our client.


competitive analysis

The SEO Campaign

The engagement with Swift Growth Marketing, our premier Managed SEO Service, began an exhilarating phase.

Our managed service relieves clients of the marketing burden, allowing them to concentrate on their business growth. Clients gain access to our comprehensive suite of services, guided by a dedicated campaign manager capable of tailoring strategies to meet individual needs.

Monthly strategies included:

  • Swift Blogger Articles
  • Link Outreach DA 20-50
  • Link Outreach Pro Packs 1K to 25K

Swift Blogger enhances site keyword diversity, while Link Outreach secures links from domains with authority scores between 10-50+.


The highlight of any campaign is sharing its success. Within nine months, the client’s monthly traffic surged from 8,000 to 24,791 visitors.

The estimated value of this traffic stood at $9,331, equating to the cost of achieving similar results through paid advertising.

A significant strategy component was increasing the client’s backlinks, which grew from 50 in June 2020 to over 200 by the new year—a 300% increase in seven months.

This client’s persistence paid off, leading to an uptick in-store visits and sales, a testament to the effectiveness of Swift Growth Marketing’s approach.


Consistent SEO efforts are essential for e-commerce success. Recognizing the need for professional SEO optimization, the client partnered with Swift Growth Marketing.

Our campaign managers leveraged their custom tools to boost online traffic, offering SEO and PPC services tailored to diverse needs.

With Swift Growth Marketing, clients have the option to extend their digital marketing efforts to paid advertisements, benefiting from our expertise in maximizing sales and leads.

Are you eager to enhance your online presence? Contact Swift Growth Marketing’s digital marketing specialists today to discover how we can elevate your business.

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